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Announcing Awesomeness:  Last-Minute Holiday Mini-Sessions


Announcing Awesomeness: Last-Minute Holiday Mini-Sessions

Bethany O Photography - OFFICIAL LOGO

Bethany O Photography - OFFICIAL LOGO



Hey, now.  We* have some big news up in here today.

Firstmost, if you're reading this, it's because either you've hired me in the past, or you're interested in possibly hiring me, or we share DNA and you are thereby obligated to receive my emails forevermore.

Either way, thank you.  Thank you for being wonderful.  And thank you for believing in me.

Which brings me to the exciting tidings of today...





And Good LAWD, are they ever a deal.

Let's discuss.



What You Want.

Based on feedback.

It's November.  Nat King Cole is already on the radio singing about which way he prefers to roast his chestnuts.***  You know the holidays will be here any minute and you've already inserted your palm into your forehead because you MEANT to book a photo session when it was warmer.

I hear ya.

I know you still DO want to book that full session next year, and you're saving your pennies for that.

In the meantime, you just need one good photo of your family (or your kids, or yourself) for a holiday card.  Or for a frame at home.  And one at the office.  Maybe you want a couple other prints for gifts for Grandparents.

Let's do this thing, my good people.



How Will It Work?

You meet me at a tree farm in South County.  We'll bang out 20 minutes of good fun and photos.

Maybe you tag a tree afterwards.  If your holidays don't involve bringing perfectly good trees into your home, maybe you can just enjoy the great outdoors afterwards.

Maybe grab a hot chocolate.



Then What?

Magic, that's what.

Within a week of the session, I'll post 15-20 GORGEOUSO images in a private online gallery for ya.

You pick your fav.

From that favorite photo, I will then give ya:

  • Three gift prints, 8x10 or smaller.
  • 25 Holiday Cards
  • THE DIGITAL FILE.  So you can print it as many times as you want.  Pepper your walls with them and such.  Or use 'em as gifts, if that's more your flavor.  Digital files are usually priced at a premium!

The whole package is a $545 value.  But I'm offering it for $195.

It's a holiday MIRACLE, is what it is.



What If I Want to Buy More?

Can I do that?

A couple of people have asked me this question and each time, I have sniffed their breath to ascertain whether they were drunk.

If you would like to purchase more prints or use additional images, I will be happy to allow that.  I'll even offer discounted rates, in keeping with this holiday theme.

But in all seriousness, thank you for asking.



How Do I Reserve My Spot?

It's easy-peasy.  (Lemon-squeezy.)

  1. Hurry up.
  2. Email me.  (
  3. Pay the online invoice I send you.
  4. Relax.  You're in.

Due to the nature of time being what it is, I have to limit how many clients I can take on that day.

I want you to be amongst them.



Why Mini-Sessions Are the Answers to Your Holiday Wishes.

I'mma tell you.

Because they're not only useful for holiday cards.

They're useful for gifts, too.

Not sure what to get Gramma this year?  Get her a photo of you.  It will make her smile the whole year through, which officially makes it the gift that keeps on giving.

Better buy her a few.  Life-sized, if you're festive.

You do like to make Gramma smile, don't you?



Who Should Consider a Mini-Session?

Families.  Couples.  INDIVIDUALS.  Children.  Your pet already tried to sign up.

Namely, any consumers of oxygen would be suitable for a mini-session.  But only if said consumer of oxygen enjoys photos that are so beautiful that they blow that consumer's hair back.

Should you find yourself to be someone who A) consumes oxygen but B) does NOT enjoy having your hair blown straight backwards by viewing kick-ass photography, then I would kindly suggest that you refrain from booking a mini-session with me.

Sessions can include up to four people per time slot; additional persons/animals/creatures are $25 each.



Good News for Recent Clients, too.

You will not be left out of the fun, my Lovely Peeps!

For anybody I have photographed in 2013, I'm offering the same 30% off prints and canvases (and 15% off holiday cards) to you, too.

Because I love ya.

And also because I want you to see how stunning canvases look on your walls.  Which will inevitably lead you to buy more of them next year.

Kinda like a crack dealer, giving away the first hit of crack to get you coming back for more.

I know what you're thinking:  nothing says "holidays" like conjuring images of crack dealers.

You're welcome.***



Don't Forget!!

These sessions are limited and are expected to sell out.

So if you want first dibs on a spot, fling me an email.  ASAP, home-fry.



Hold Up.  Just a Second.

It's the Holidays.  So Let's Share the Love.

Can you think of two (just TWO) people who might be interested in this opportunity, or in my photography services in general?

Think of them in your head now.  I'll wait.

Okay.  Now can you please forward this email to those two people?

I can't tell ya how much I'd appreciate that.

In return for your kindness, I will send YOU--immediately--18 certified good karma points and 1 MILLION virtual kisses.

Thank you, kind soul!!!!!



Important Footnotes.

*      "We" = "I."

**     Some of the photos in this email were taken during regular sessions, not mini-sessions.  If you want to view photos from the mini-session day I did back in June, click here or here.

***    Made ya look.

Thank you for being you.  Thank you for the unique light you bring to this world.  And thank you for your interest in my photography!

I so hope to hear from you soon.

With love and light

With love and light

Remember:  Santa's Watching!

So Don't Forget to share this!  :)