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A Beauty, An Update, and A Question


A Beauty, An Update, and A Question





Good morning, Catchers of Light!!

Three quick nuggets for you this AM:

1)  A Beauty

These photos of my sister make me catch my breath. They are so "HER."  I can feel her strength, her creativity, her pensiveness, her fierce passion for life, her silly side, the LIGHT of her BEING right through the photo.

That's what makes me breathe in suddenly when I look at these pictures.

When I take a photograph, I do my best to catch a glimpse of the person's soul.  My heart does a twinkle-toe fairy dance when my photos make people catch their breath.  The catching of the breath is pretty much my goal.

Maybe I should have named this site ""  [Chuckles to self.]

If you want me to do photos for you that make you catch YOUR breath, contact me soon!  I am almost completely booked for the fall.  

(I limit the number of shoots I take so that I can provide a high-quality product to my clients (and a high-quality of sanity to myself.))

2)  An Update

Check out my new pricing page!  HOLLER!!!  I'm happy with the way it came out.

The links on that page are broken; thanks for bearing with me as I continue to build this site at the break-neck pace of only the fastest of snails.

3)  A Question

One of the web pages that I'm working on right now is my FAQ page.

Do you have any questions you would like to see answered?

I'm making two FAQ pages:

  • one FAQ page for my photography business (ex:  How long will it take to massage, edit, and deliver my photos?  What should I wear?  Can you make my photos black and white but then add the color of our eyes back in?  etc.) and
  • one FAQ page for the happiness theme of my blog.

I have not received as many questions related to the happiness / optimal living / self-improvement theme of the blog as I have received about photo shoots.  I'm trying to figure out whether this is because:  

a) people are uncomfortable asking questions along this subject line,

b) people would rather go somewhere else to discuss these things,

c) people have no interest in reading my thoughts on such matters,

d) people have the "happiest life" question figured out; I am the only person navigating this ship,

d) people very much enjoy the reflections on happiness that I'vebeensharing but they're just super busy (is all),

e) I have knocked the socks off of my readers and they cannot type responses, thoughts, or questions because they are too busy looking for their socks.

f)  None of the above.  (Insert reason here:  __________________________)

Care to weigh in on this?  Even just a one-letter response would be helpful.

If you ever have ideas on things I could improve or things that (come hell or high water) I MUST CONTINUE doing, I'm always receptive to both constructive feedback and praise.   :)  [Heh heh heh.  I was being serious about the constructive feedback.]

I love hearing from you peeps.

15 Extra Credit Points if you submit an FAQ for FAQ Page Number two.  (You just submit the Q and don't you worry yourself about whether it's F.A., you hear?)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand BEGIN!!!