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Embracing my Optimalist:  First Video Blog Comin' Atchya


Embracing my Optimalist: First Video Blog Comin' Atchya


So...this happened.

My first video blog.  It is an intentional practice in vulnerability today that I publish this even though there are exactly 972 things I'd do differently if I filmed it again.  Making it more concise would be thing numero uno.

Let's take a second to wax philosophical about perfectionists vs optimalists, kay?  (It's a lesson I'm deliberately trying to absorb.)

The PERFECTIONIST in me really wants me to NOT publish a video blog until I get it JUST RIGHT.   That mentality holds me back.  If I stick with those standards, I'll never publish anything at all.  Like, EVAH evah.  

Tal Ben-Shahar encourages us to strive towards being OPTIMALISTS.  Optimalists, like perfectionists, strive towards greatness.  However, the key difference between the two is that Optimalists work within the constraints of reality.

The REALITY here is that if I had taken the time to make this more succinct, more value-packed, more fun and more funny, I would have had to sacrifice something else I've committed to doing this week.

And I want to honor all of my commitments.

So I'm working within the constraints of reality, publishing it, and doing three cheers for Opportunities for Growth!!  :)

[PS: When I say, in the video "my forgiveness," I of course mean "my apologies."]

Back to the mind/body/soul cleanse! :)