About This Blog

Oh, hi! I'm Bethany. That's me, waving. (That's also my jazz hand, if you were thinking that.)

As you can see, I don't always brush my hair, but I do always wear my party pants.

Because: priorities.

Anyway, I'm a photographer based in Rhode Island.  I encourage my clients to "Let it Shine" and promise to "catch your light," but I don't want to just *sell* those ideas.

I want to live them.

That's why I call myself a Joyologist.

I seek joy in the people I meet. 
I capture it with my camera. 
I study it.
I practice it...
and I share what's working for me in weekly "Joyology Jib Jab" videos on my facebook page.

...Because it's about damn time we all stop playing small and start raising each other up.

You and I? We can make this world a healthier, happier place...just by sharing our light.

I know you know it, too.

Thank you for being one of the many light-loving, change-making, norm-breaking SUPERSTARS to grace these pages.

Shinin' atchya,


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