Great news for fellow photography-lovers!

It's BACK!  And better than ever!

WHAT:  Photography 101 Class with Bethany

WHEN:  Sunday, January 27th, 2018  2-4pm*

              [In the event that we get snowed out on 1/27, we'll reschedule for 2/3.]

WHERE:  Best Parenting Shop Ever  (Bellani Maternity, 1276 Bald Hill Rd, Warwick, RI)

WHY:  Because you have a nice camera and just keep it in auto mode.  Or you love photography but feel intimidated by it.  Or generally you are just awesome and enjoy hanging out with other awesome people in awesome places.

HOW MUCH:  $99

HOW TO SIGN UP:  Click "ADD TO CART" below or call Bellani ((401) 822-9900) or email Bethany.  You have many options.

Photography 101 Class
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I plan to JAM PACK as much good info and light-heartedness as I can possibly pack into these two hours!  Don’t miss it!



Can I give this as a gift to someone?

Absa-freakin-lutely.  You can and you SHOULD give this as a gift to someone.  Just say the word and we’ll even give ya a gift card to give ‘em.  How ’bout that?

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Aperture, shutter speed, and the rest of those shenanigans are SO CONFUSING.  Do you like to make things confusing?

I’m so glad you asked, Friendly-Question-Asker!  No, I do not like to make things confusing.  I like to make things fun.  I took a similar photography class at the ripe young age of 15, and the teacher made things so confusing that I didn’t attempt to learn photography again until almost another 15 years had passed.  I won’t do that to you.

RI lifestyle photographer_1277

Do I need to have a fancy camera to take this class?

Technically, no, the concepts we’ll be covering will apply to all photography captured by all cameras, including iPhones.  If you do not have a camera, though, the class is going to leave you WANTING a camera, because of the extended control the DSLRs [i.e. “fancy cameras”] give you over your camera settings.  Consider yourself forewarned.

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Do I need to bring my camera with me for class?

It’s encouraged that you bring your camera so that you can familiarize yourself with the controls and settings we’ll discuss, but this is not a workshop, so a camera is not necessary.

RI lifestyle photographer_1278

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Honestly, has no one gotten to the bottom of this yet?  Woodchucks DO chuck wood, don’t they?  Is this a test?

RI lifestyle photographer_1279

Which lens do you recommend for a beginner learning photography?

If you’re a Nikon shooter, get this $200 one.  That lens is not only an incredible value, it also lays the smack down on all other lenses as far as learning lenses go;  I’ll tell you why in class.  For Canon shooters, I recommend this $125 lens, which is almost as good.    You do not need to have either of these lenses for the class.

I don’t receive any kick-back if you purchase those lenses, if you're suspicious like that.

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This class is being held at Rhode Island’s best pregnancy and parenting shop.  What if I’m not a parent, or I am not interested in photographing kids?

Do not fret yourself, sweet grasshopper!  All are welcome, and this particular class is not specifically about photographing kids.  The concepts we will discuss apply to all types of photography, which may or may not include children, depending upon your preferences.

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Will you cover XYZ topic in class?

This class is going to be a discussion of basic photography concepts:  shutter speed, aperture, ISO, how they interact, tricks for how to deal with difficult shooting situations, concepts that can improve any photo, etc.  If you are wondering about specific subjects that will or will not be covered, feel free to email Bethany.

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What about refunds?

Since seating is limited, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges for tickets purchased for this event.  HOWEVAH.  You are welcome to sell or give away your admission in the unlikely and frankly insane event that you change your mind about attending.  Kinda like a concert ticket, you know?  Only better.

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Do I have to just take your word for it?  About how awesome this class is?

No way, Jose!  Here are some kind words from a few previous attendees:

JAN 2014 - Photography101 Review

Should I sign up sooner…or later?

SOONER, for shizzle!!  Spots are limited and each year, seats sell out lickety-split.  So get on it!

Here's that payment link again:

Photography 101 Class
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