You asked for it!  Now, heeeeeeeeeeeeeere it COMES!  It's a bird, it's a plane, it's....the workshop follow-up to my Photography 101 class! Let's do this thing!!

(Oh, hey!  Should double as a good cure for the winter blues, if yer askin' me!)


WHAT:  Photography 102 - The Workshop - with Bethany O!

WHEN:  Sunday, April 9th, 2017 9-11:30am

WHERE:  Bethany's Home (North Kingstown, RI)

WHO:  EXCLUSIVELY offered to students who have already taken Bethany's 101 class!

HOW MUCH:  $99  

WHAT ELSE:  When you sign up, you'll also receive a $100 print credit towards a (regularly priced) 2017 photo shoot with Bethany, should you choose to use it!*

HOW TO SIGN UP:  Click the "ADD TO CART" button below or email Bethany.

Photography 102 Workshop
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The Kind Words...

LOVED the interactive components to the class as well as becoming more familiar with the camera settings in a way the manual is unable. You have a great way of explaining the technical and making it practical. Photography 103?
— Jess
OBSESSED!!! Loved the motion exercise, can’t wait to practice on my kids tonight! It was the perfect refresher to the 101 course. I have no suggestions on how you could have done this better!
— Victoria
102 was GREAT! Such good info / question-answering in a way this is VERY understandable. Always getting me to refamiliarize myself with what my camera can do! I have more clarity about light/dark balance and dealing with blurry subjects and movement.
— Holly
I am so glad I did this 102 Workshop! The exposure helped me a ton, and just having time to ask our questions was great. I really liked that we worked with white and the snow since that has been a huge issue. Learning about placement in shadows was great!
— Mary L
I’m so glad I took the workshop! It was such an awesome follow-up to the 101 class. I liked the hands-on portions of taking photos. The exposure and white balance make more sense to me now.
— Tara
YES I’m glad I took this workshop! I loved that it was hands-on and it was a more intimate setting with fewer people. I didn’t have a chance to send in pictures to be critiqued but I love that you offered it and found that helpful!
— Gina


(Psst.  These are not really FA'd...I'm just guessing they're you're Q's.)

What exactly is this "Photography 102 Follow-Up Class" you speak of?

Excellent question, inquisitive one!  

Here are a few highlights:

A)  I'll be giving you an exercise to attempt before class, so that your questions are fresh on your mind.

B)  We'll be reviewing "what went wrong" with shots YOU ACTUALLY TOOK (if you want to send any my way.*)

*I know this requires all the braveries!  This exercise was so very helpful to me when I was learning photography that I want to offer it to you as well!

C)  We'll be taking ACTUAL pictures of ACTUAL things together!  This is a hands-on workshop, my friends!

D)  We'll play a little game to quickly review what we learned in the 101 class

E)  Much less emphasis on slide presentation.  Much more focus on SHOOTING!

F)  Exercises include practicing with window lighting, backlighting (if the sun is out that day), photographing a fast-moving subject, and you'll even get to practice creating these "joy balls of light," by taking photos against the very backdrop I used for this photo!

G)  Oh, did I mention you'll also receive a $100 print credit towards a 2017 photo shoot with this girl with the two thumbs?*  There's that.

There's really no hurry in signing up, is there?

To the contrary, fine friend!  To keep this cozy, I'll be limiting seating to eight people.  And because we're drawing from a pool of students who have attended EIGHT previous classes, there may be more interest in this workshop than there are seats.

Probably will be.   ;)

So sign up, pronto! 

What about refunds?

Since seating is limited, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges for tickets purchased for this event.  HOWEVAH.  You are welcome to sell or give away your admission in the unlikely and frankly insane event that you change your mind about attending.  Kinda like a concert ticket, you know?  Only better.

What else did you want to tell me?

Regardless of whether you join this class, thank you for being awesome.  You reek of awesomeness, you know.  That's all.

Photography 102 Workshop
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*While I so wish I could combine coupons, unluckily I can't combine this $100 print credit with another if you've received one recently.