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Hello Little Red Hen Friends!

I can't tell you how much fun I had with your kids on their picture day(s).  I just love the challenge of capturing their sweet personalities in the short time I get with each of them!

Here are a few notes that will be helpful to keep in mind when ordering your school photos:

Crop Ratios

1. Cropping

The photos in the gallery are all currently sized with 4x6 dimensions.  5x7 and 8x10 photos are slightly more "square" than a 4x6, so when you order in those sizes, some cropping will occur, which means that details on the top or bottom of the photo will be lost and the subject will take up more of the space inside the frame.  

Most of your school photos will look great in *any* size; I'm just mentioning this so that there are no surprises!  See the image to the left for a visual perspective of how a photo might be cropped by the lab!


2.  Pricing

Please see this link for a review of my school portrait price list, and note that any order over $55 per image will qualify to receive that unwatermarked digital image, complimentary.


3.  Gallery Expiration

This gallery will expire at midnight on Friday, 10/19/18.  All orders must be placed before that time.


4.  Don't forget!

Once you locate your child's photo in the gallery, don't forget to grab a class photo too!  

And the holidays are fast approaching!  Now's a good time to pick up gift prints for Gramma, Grampa, Auntie and Uncle.  ;)

Here is the link to view and order this year's Little Red Hen school photos.  Your child's teacher has sent you the password.  See the "Buy Photo" button in the upper right to purchase your images!

I hope you love these photos as much as I do.  Thank you for the opportunity to capture these special kiddos of yours!

With love and light