To Be Happy.

When I woke up a few weeks ago, words had been written on my arm.

A couple hours later, I used my body like a lever to throw a man over my shoulder, twisting his arm and reveling in the satisfying thud of his body hitting the ground.

I threw him because of the words on my arm.

Let’s back it up.

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  • Barbi Beyer - Gritty, real, raw, true, honest. I can always count on my friend BethanyO to lay it out there and be the voice of all of us, who don’t want to bear those dirty little secrets about the darkness and lightness of our shared humanity! Check out her blog posts to catch more of her light. You won’t be sorry! ReplyCancel

  • Barbi Beyer - Gritty, real, raw, true, honest. I can always count on my friend BethanyO to lay it out there and be the voice of all of us, who don’t want to bear those dirty little secrets about the darkness and lightness of our shared humanity! Check out her blog posts to catch more of her light. You won’t be sorry! ReplyCancel

  • Julie Ostiguy - Oh Bethany…..I have sooooo been there! Get that anger out! Let the sadness and tears come! Be the perfectly, imperfect, beautiful human being you are! Lots of self care and self love during this retreat. I will be here when you get back……I think we are overdue for another coffee date. My treat. xxxoooReplyCancel

  • Julie Scheel - I’m sending you a hug right now. Got it?ReplyCancel

  • Stefany Reed - girlll….whatever it is…if you need me, call me!! xoxoxo

How to Know If You Are Ready to Pursue Your Dream

How to Know if you are ready to pursue your dream
“DAD,” I say. “GET THIS.’

‘This Happiness and Success Telesummit coming up? They’re expecting 60,000 people to tune in.  And they’re interviewing ME. As an EXPERT!!”

I slap my knee and say “expert” with punchline voice, certain my dad will find this as funny as I do.

Dad is not amused.  I wrinkle the skin above my nose, thoroughly confused.  My dad finds EVERYTHING funny.

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  • Meredith Hamlyn Henry - Fabulous and thought provoking! I’m glad the link didn’t work on Monday cause I needed a ray of light on this dreary and rainy day. Thank you!!!ReplyCancel

  • Monica Rodgers - love this. Love your writing! So very true – we all think it’s “someday” . Someday is now. ReplyCancel

Oh, Fear: You Little Punk. (Also: New Music Video.)


Oh fear you little punk

Oh, Fear.  You little punk.  You have snuck up on me again.

You disguise yourself as overwhelm and perfectionism and I’m-too-busy-ness, but I’m not buying it anymore.

You, fear, have been apprehended.

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  • Jennifer Mathien - Thanks to Bethany O Photography for capturing the beauty of our little family. Not because of what we look like, or the way we stand tall and smile when someone says “say cheese!” but because of the way we love each other through our everyday messiness and how B captures that thru her lens. We are always honored to be in her light. xoReplyCancel

  • Nicole Stottlemyer - GORGEOUS. I’ve been a secret admirer for a couple years, and just wanted to SHOUT how much I LOVE this video. I’ve seen your website grow, and adore adore adore you and your work. Keep on shining my soul sister!ReplyCancel

  • Elisabeth Schenenga - Love it Bethany. You are awesome.

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  • Julie Scheel - Charming, beautiful pictures! Go, Bethany, go! Wish you could take our photos. If we are together at the same place and the same time, I’d love to have you catch Ken and I together.ReplyCancel

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  • Erika Pearson Giampietro - I am afraid of how much I love this!!! ;) This is stunning!ReplyCancel

  • Sing With B Music - Just shared on my page. Beautifully done dear light catcher! You continue to inspire and FYI I have been in the ” F*ck Off Fear” club for many, many years! love you!ReplyCancel

  • Maggie Brewer - I HAVE NO WORDS. You’ve left me speechless with this, B. If I could show this to every human on the planet, I would. When you speak about catching a person’s light in this video, your light is captured in a way, too, because you light up when you talk about photography! It’s beautiful. (And PS–not that it’ll help, cuz fear is irrational, but you should never be afraid of sharing your work–everything I’ve ever seen you tackle you’ve done so with beauty, humanity & huge success.)ReplyCancel

I Can See Clearly Now; the Pain Is Gone. – My Messy Beautiful

Bethany O for Glennon Melton s Messy Beautiful Warriors Project 592

Our gym has mirrors in front of the cardio equipment and I like that.

Narcissist?  Doubtful.  If I have narcissistic qualities, they’re probably more the “blogger” flavor than the “mirror” variety.

I like those mirrors at the gym because they remind me of my strength.

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  • Linda Bouyssou Pearson - YES YES YES to a clean lens, and trying to understand what’s at play when it’s not! Who knew…. goats! LOVE IT!!!ReplyCancel

  • Kathleen Sullivan Campbell - I love your post. I have a few friends that need to read this and I’ll be sending it along for their perusal. Of course, *I* need it too, in that we/I/WE way!ReplyCancel

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  • Joan Barr - I read your posts at the recommendation of your Aunt. I probably am usually on the receiving end of “what’s her problem” quite often (because I am the silent type). But truthfully each and every day, I live by the mantra, today’s a new day (and as such, I chose to make it a good one).ReplyCancel

  • Erika Pearson Giampietro - Genius title, perfect photo, beautiful messy!!! Loved this!!ReplyCancel

  • Misty Lozano - So glad I found your blog! I had that ” What’s HER problem” face on TOO many times today, so this post was exactly what I needed to read. Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Justine Froelker - Great piece! Thank you for this, I love the lens concept! Justine ReplyCancel

  • Ellisha Blackburn - I love your writing! Thank you for sharing this. We playfully use the “getting one’s goat” expression all the time in our home. My 6 year old refers to all the things that bug me as my “goats” and LOVES to recite them and watch for my reaction (corn syrup, styrofoam, the checkout at Superstore – oh, his eyes just twinkle as he hurls these goats across the room at me!) Thanks for the reminder about not seeing clearly because of that lens. Today, the lens is not clear, mostly. And that has been really hard. But your post reminds me of that St Ignation notion of remembering your consolation in your desolation and vice versa. So today I’m reminded that I do have times of clarity, strength and hope. I am one tenacious woman too. Thanks for the reminder. ReplyCancel

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