The Moon Really Could Not Be More Obvious About This

message from the moon

Sometimes you lay awake thinking about all of the things.

It’s 1am and your eyes snap open because your brain simply could not wait one more second to tell you:  WHAT ABOUT THESE (MOSTLY IMAGINARY) PROBLEMS??

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How to Plan the New Year So You Get What You Want. (OR: The Method I Used to Significantly Improve a Class I Taught Recently)

Photography class RI

Because I’m the type of person who boils the ocean to get to the fish, I’ve consulted the work of at least a dozen professionals regarding the best way to plan a new year.

Want to know my favorite fish in that pond?

Can I interest ya in the catch o’ the day, my friends?

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What Not to Say to Struggling Loved Ones during the Holidays

Bethany O

One perk of being from a large family and having no control over my tear ducts is that I am the lucky recipient of a lot of advice.

I also have a lot of data for studying how people respond to my pain.

On one remarkable occasion of untimely tear ducts, my eyelids started leaking just when 30ish family members gathered around two 50th birthday cakes to sing a little diddy to two special birthday girls. Continue Reading, Light-Catcher! »

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