In the interest of Keeping It Simple, Santa, I'mma be mighty quick (yet purposeful) this morning...

Regardless of which holiday traditions you do or do not celebrate, here are my wishes for you today:

May your hugs be genuine.  May your hugs pause time.

May your kindness towards others be deeply rooted in kindness towards yourself.

May you smile from your belly.

May your excitement for the many great new things that you get to HAVE today be superseded by your excitement for all of the great new things you get to BE today.

May your breaths be deep.

May you harness the courage to take the next tiny step towards whatever your intuition is calling you to do.

May you then take the next step and then the next.

May you be happy.  May you be well.  May you let yourself shine.

See you in 2013!

Merry, Happy, Felice, Joyeux, Feliz, Tuesday.

Love and light,



[Pssst!  Were you hoping for a little more to chew on today?

I recently had the pleasure of doing an interview with Melody Joy Deetz for her "Truth-Telling Series."

Melody asks some awesome questions which will be perfect conversation-starters around your dinner tables today.  

Check out our interview and please be sure to say hi to Melody while you're there!]