I usually stick to one post per week, but today I wanted to send you a few quick follow-up ideas to Tuesday's post, in case you're considering a New Year's Cleanse for yourself.

Let's get to it!

1.  80/20 Rule:  Setting up for the Win

It's pretty much a universal law that 20% of our "stuff" gets 80% of our use and 20% of our efforts yields 80% of our rewards.  So as a general rule of thumb, if you're not getting rid of a LOT of physical AND spiritual stuff during this cleanse, then you're hanging on to things you don't need.

Similarly, when you approach the cleanse itself, 20% of your time will probably yield you 80% of your results.

So just do 20% of the work, homie!

2.  Be a Hunter, Not a Gatherer.

When you sort through your crap, hunt to INCLUDE, not to EXCLUDE.  For example:  Dump out your tee-shirt drawer.  Ask self, "how many tee-shirts do I need?"

If you do your laundry once per week and you don't wear tee-shirts every day, seven teeshirts should be more than enough, right?

So hunt through and pick out your favorite seven.

This is directly opposed to the GATHERER mentality, wherein you look at every single item you have and wonder whether you may someday need that shirt during an apocalypse.  (It takes forever to sort this way and yields minimal Fun Shui energy cleanliness.)

Tip:  If you don't get a solid hit of "YES I NEED THIS" right away, don't include it.  When it doubt, donate it out.  

3.  Prep Yawself before you Wreck Yawself.

Again, set the stage for success.  Pick the activities you're gonna commit to and plot it out on the calendar.  If it's not calendared, it's just an idea.

Plan ahead.  You may need to adjust (up or down) your social or professional commitments during your cleanse, arrange babysitters during home decluttering days (if you have kids), preplan groceries for juice cleanse, etc, etc.

Or maybe one straight week isn't ideal for your schedule.  NBD.  Do one day.  Or one hour.  Or one hour per day.  Or one day per week.  Whatevs.  Make it yours.

4.  Parkinson's Law

Tasks take as much time as you allot for them.  You could use a whole day to clean your closet, or you could take 20 minutes.

You can get more of these items done than you think.  Be ambitious.  Make it happen.

5.  Make it yours.

Pick which of the items from Tuesday's post speak to you and do them.  If it doesn't speak to you, don't do it.

And if you're not gonna do certain items, don't "should" on yourself.

Do, however, listen to your intuition, not to your head.  Your head will convince you that you don't need to do things that your intuition knows you need to do.

Everybody is in different places in their personal evolutions.  For some people, doing everything on this list in one week would induce delirium tremors.  Other people are already doing all of these things regularly.  Figure out where you are vs where you want to be, and pick exercises that most definitely STRETCH you and also will not SNAP you.


'Nuff for now!  Can't wait to hear if anybody is doing a cleanse!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions!  :)

Love and light to ya!!