RI lifestyle photographer_0371.jpg

RI lifestyle photographer_0371.jpg

First thing yesterday morning, our two-year-old snuck her way into a bag of Milanos and ate an undisclosed number of cookies, then promptly found life to be undeniably worth celebrating.

So she stripped off her clothes and, with cookie in hand, threw her arms and face to the sky, running gleeful naked laps around the dining room table, laughing all the way.

May we all take a lesson from the little one and find the little things to be worth celebrating this weekend.


More thoughts:

  1. Speaking of little things worth celebrating, you can finally view photos from one of my favorite photo sessions last year.

Have you seen 'em?  Here's a tease and a link to more.  Which shot is your fav??  :)

RI lifestyle photographer_0372.jpg

RI lifestyle photographer_0372.jpg

2.  Speaking of little tasks that I'm having trouble time-managing, I would like to officially put it out to you and to the universe that I am looking for part-time assistance.  Are you enthusiastic, dependable, somewhat tech-savvy, and have access to a computer?

If this interests you, please get in touch!  No need to be local to RI.


Back to our daughter.

As high as her high was, the sugar crash hit her just as hard.

Later yesterday morning, she promptly screamed for--I am not kidding--45 minutes straight.


Detox is a b*tch, innit?

In one of my less lucid moments, I tried to talk sense into her, explaining the highs and lows that come along with a sugar rush.

A few minutes later, I channelled Jack Nicholson from "A Few Good Men."




3.  Speaking of Jack Nicholson, due to popular demand, we have added a second "Photography 101" class date, if you're interested.  

I've received many emails of gratitude after the first class, my favorite compliment being that it was "packed with ALL the information that had previously confused me about using my camera.  A ridiculous value!"

4.  Speaking of ridiculous value, in the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that the Photography 101 class has nothing at all to do with Jack Nicholson.  I was just looking for a smooth transition a few sentences ago.

Mr Nicholson does not endorse the class, will not be in attendance, and, if you can believe it, doesn't even know who I am.  

Although, if this post does circle back to him, (sorta like when this post I wrote circled back to Oprah's peeps) I'm sure he'll enroll in the class, because I'm guessing HE CAN'T HANDLE HIS CAMERA.


Okay good.  I can see that today's post has been filled with non-random things that are not random.

Sounds to me like a little thing worth celebrating.  

Happy weekend, Light Catchers!

with love and light

with love and light