Family Fun Night Banner for Facebook
Family Fun Night Banner for Facebook

Well this all came together swimmingly.

I have the good fortune of working in a building that happens to house a few other rockstar business women.  Did you know that Bethany O Photography has a business location?  I've gotta talk about these things more often.

It kinda brings me back to my college days, sharing a building with these ladies.  Well, a healthier version of my college days.  Hours melt away as I bury my head in my work, and when I emerge from my office, I get re-injected with energy from the good peeps in the lobby.

Beth of B Colorful makes me laugh and feeds my creative fires with her seems-to-come-easy-artistic-wizardry.  Lori, Coral, Debbie, and the other yogis of Laughing Elephant are a soulful bunch with contagious good habits.

Por example.  I recently was having a smidge of a frazzled day, and when I showed my face in the lobby, Lori, Coral, and Debbie were greeting people for Coral's yoga class.  They're a perceptive bunch, these yogis.  If I don't want them to notice when I'm frazztastic, I best be sneaking out the back door.

"You need to take Coral's class right now," said Lori, as soon as I appeared with my frazzle face.

"You're probably right.  I'm sure that would be good for me.  And I totally would, but I don't have any yoga clothes with me today," said I.

"You're wearing yoga clothes right now," said Debbie.  [#OHSNAP.]

And that is how I found myself in downward-facing dog that morning.

[Friends:  this is one of the hazards of wearing #yogapantseverydamnday.  Be ye forewarned that ye will have a hard time making the excuses about the yoga when you're wearing the yoga pants all the day.]

It's the best kind of peer pressure, really.

Okay.  I am skidding off-road and off-topic here but there are words popping into my cortex and apparently they want to be said.  Just for a second, let's talk about not having time for yoga, or art class, or whatever it is that connects us with our higher selves.  My philosopher-friend, Brian Johnson, once told me that the Dalai Lama starts every day with one hour of meditation.  Except for on the days when he wakes up and knows he has a really busy day in front of him.

On those days, Mr. Honorary Dalai Lama starts his day with two hours of meditation.

This morning I worked out precisely because I didn't have time for it.

How about you?  (We did just agree that sometimes peer pressure is healthy, no?)

NOW I AM ARRIVING AT THE POINT OF THIS POST.  A couple weeks ago, I was a-chattin' with two of the mighty-fine business ladies in the buildin', Lori Mancini (Rockstar Goddess Owner of Laughing Elephant Yoga) and Beth Brugnoli of (Multi-Tasking Creative Genius Owner of B Colorful, an art studio which offers classes for kids and adults.)

We were feeling the gratitude, appreciating the goodnesses that have come to each of our growing businesses, and we were brainstorming on a fun way that we could collaborate in giving back to the community that supports us.  A way we could each add value to the clients of each others' businesses.

Which was when the idea of Family Fun Night was born!

Here is the page with all the details.

Will you join us?

Will you help us spread the word?

Let us know!

See you Tuesday.