Guess how thrilled I was to hear from an old friend about a potential newborn shoot.  Okay--I'll just tell you.  I was super thrilled.  Supah dupah thrilled.  :) I haven't seen much of Megan in the last 14 years, but she can still make me laugh like she used to outside the "H" building at NKHS (YEAH, SKIPPERS!) on "crisp" fall mornings.  (Her hyper-use of the word "crisp" in describing mornings and apples always made me chuckle.)

And now Megan is a Momma!  I'm sure she will bring her kick-ass sense of humor to parenting, which is always advisable...and often critical!  :)

Without further adieu...I present to you the delicious baby N!!!  (Want to see more photos from this session?  Check out my Facebook Page, amigo!!)

(PS:  Do you know anybody who is currently pregnant and might be interested in doing a newborn shoot?  Newborn sessions are best in the first 5-10 days of life, so make sure they know to book their session while they're still preggo!)