Isn't it interesting how the universe creates themes in our lives, like chapters in a book?

Right now my theme is fear.  I'm aware that I need to address the way I approach fear in my life, and all of a sudden, opportunities for learning about and practicing this are showing up everywhere.  Like fruit flies.

Some people identify the habit of noticing new things everywhere as a habit of the reticular activating system.  Some see it as a calling--a compass pointing you directly towards something the uni-verse needs you to address.  Still others cannot be bothered to think about the coincidences at all.

(Not for nothin', but maybe the people in Group 'C' are AFRAID of where those themes would lead them?)

What a coincidence.

For me, the fear theme started as a whisper.  That was back when, before launching this personal (yet public) blog and photography business, I was masticating the corresponding risks (including, but not limited to, financial uncertainties and the potential for thorough public embarrassment if either venture does a world-class face-flop.)

[Hey--remember when I told my fears to F--- off?  That's when the uni-verse was whispering.]

The whisper increased a decibel to the volume of "indoor voices" when not one but TWOpeople whose opinions I highly respect suggested that I read this book.


I underlined, highlighted, starred, and dog-eared every one in the first 50 pages of "The Tools", including the part about how to reverse my desires so that I actually look FORWARD to facing my fears head-on, since the fears show me the path to a life of endless possibilities.

Then I put that book down and have not picked it up for three weeks because--that fear-chasing mumbo jumbo?  "That sh*t is whack!" said my scared subconscious.

The universe's "indoor voices" advanced to "outside voices" recently when, in a therapy session, I realized that fear has been a key player in a relationship challenge that I have been avoiding.

Subsequently, (because the universe, apparently, can be relied upon to wind up and bitch-slap you to attention if you ignore its whispers, indoor-voices, and outside-voices,) an INCREDIBLE opportunity landed at my feet.  Like a giant, wet fish.  THWOP.

Ever heard of Mastin Kipp?  Writer of The Daily Love?  You may have heard of him when Oprah Winfrey said "Thank you, Mastin Kipp, for helping me be brave," or when Marianne Williamson said, "Mastin Kipp is one of my favorite people."

Yeah, that guy.  He's teaching a class this week called "Discover the Wisdom of your Fear" and, without making too much of a big a deal about this, I have the opportunity to do some behind-the-scenes work with him for the class.

Mastin Kipp discover the wisdom of your fears.jpg
Mastin Kipp discover the wisdom of your fears.jpg

["Do I have your attention now?" asked uni-verse.]

That you do, Uni-verse.  That you do.

So I'm going to be working on dismantling some fear-aversions this week.  I can't wait to report back to you about my journey.

If you want to join Mastin's class, sign up here!  It's a virtual class, and even if you can't make the assigned times, you can listen to the recording afterwards.  Plus, the good people at en*theos offer a pick-your-price pricing structure.

You pretty much can't say no.

Let me know if you sign up!  I'd love to pow-wow with you about it!

Let's wrap up today's post with a subtle fear-based warning:  If Mastin's class speaks to you but you decide NOT to take it, it is pretty much inevitable that the uni-verse will eventually bitch-slap you to attention.

Hopefully, she (uni-verse) will be as kind in seeking your attention as she was with me.

I cannot guarantee it.

(Disclosure:  I have personal and professional ties to the good peeps at en*theos, but I am not being paid to recommend this class.  I just think the uni-verse wants you to take it.  That is all.)  :)


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